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Storm and Stream Solutions

Focusing on the earth's most precious resource — water.

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Focus Areas

Technical Training

Communicating new ideas and policies in the water sector is critical due to the dynamic nature of this field. Specific areas covered include stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, and stream assessment/restoration.

Engineering Services

Understanding of engineered and natural water systems requires accurate assessment and analysis, and implementing solutions requires robust modeling efforts. Specific services include stream assessment and restoration, GIS services, H&H modeling, and stormwater analysis and design.

Stormwater Funding/Financing, Economics and Policy

Regulations, legislation and legal rulings are shaping the landscape in the water sector. Policy areas covered include NPDES programs, rulemaking efforts, legislation, CWA updates, WOTUS guidance, Water Quality Trading, legal rulings, and stormwater permits.

Applied Research

Cutting-edge concepts and innovative solutions are needed in the water sector. Academic-oriented efforts to capture the socio-economic and technical dimensions of natural water systems provide a more holistic understanding of critical water issues.

The Water Drop Blog

Review by Hale Thurston of Report on Market-Based Approaches to Green Infrastructure Investment

Willamette Partnership, 2017
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Green Infrastructure Manifesto

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About Seth Brown

Seth Brown

Seth is the Founder and Principal of Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC (S3), which was created to provide various professional services in the water sector. Service areas range from technical review, design and analysis of water resources, stormwater management and stream restoration efforts to research in public-private partnership (P3) investments in stormwater and green infrastructure frameworks.

Seth has a B.S. and an M.S. in civil engineering, is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Maryland and is currently pursuing a PhD in civil engineering at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.